We offer custom blends of cold weather and performance diesel fuel additives and has been in business since 1979. Our headquarter are in Fort Wayne, Indiana and supply diesel fuel additives throughout the world. Our company specializes in diagnosing fuel problems and offers diesel fuel additive packages that will improve the performance of almost any diesel fuel.  Whether you use a Truck, Tractor, Ship or even Home Heating Oil, we will be able to improve the performance of your diesel equipment with the right diesel fuel additive package.

Our product development specializes in Premium Diesel Fuel Additives, Gasoline Fuel Additives and Biodiesel Additives.

We custom manufacture our diesel fuel additive products using computer controlled blending equipment which precisely measures and monitors batch quality. This process allows us to guarantee formulation of complex Premium Diesel Fuel Additives and Biodiesel Fuel Additives to within +/- 0.1% on all batch components.

Every Diesel Additive Package We Make For You Is Guaranteed To Be Just What You Requested!

We offer unique, custom formulated diesel fuel cold weather additives and performance additives which are targeted specifically to the needs and performance desires of today's progressive distillate (diesel fuels, gas oils, fuel oils, etc.) refinery producers, pipeline transporters, wholesale distributors, marketers, and especially end fuel users. 

The FirePower® line of diesel fuel additives has rapidly become a gold standard for Premium Diesel Fuel Additives.  With three tiers of performance responsiveness (Summer, Winter, and Standard) the FirePower® line offers the flexibility similar to custom blending.
Premium Diesel Fuel Additives
Premium Gasoline Fuel Additives
FirePower Gasoline Treatments are complete fuel treatments. Our products don't force you to buy several products to accomplish all the needed tasks your engine needs to operate at it's best. Firepower brand gasoline additive provides ethanol phase separation protection, removal of water, anti-corrosives, detergents, lubricants, stabilizers and other proprietary protections and benefits in each application.
Our 'FirePower Premium Diesel Blends':
Firepower Diesel Cetane +6 Summer Blend is specifically formulated for use in all types of fuel for diesel engine  powered equipment. The enhanced quality of  this unique multifunctional summer diesel fuel additive insures optimum engine protection and performance. Premium Summer  Diesel Fuel Additive provides performance enhancements to typical  #1 & #2 grade diesel fuels available in the world  marketplace today: 

Firepower Diesel Cetane +5 Winter Blend is specifically formulated for use in all types of fuel for diesel engine powered equipment operated in cold weather. The enhanced quality of this unique multifunctional winter diesel fuel additive insures optimum engine protection and performance to -400 F.  Winter Diesel Fuel Additive provides perform-ance enhancements to typical #2 grade diesel fuels available in the world marketplace today:   
Microbial Activity?
Firepower brand diesel fuel additives can be custom blended to include Microbitect, a powerful biocide which will works to kill existing algae and microbial growth within 24-72 hours and provide ongoing defense to inhibit or eliminate future infestation. 
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FirePower Premium Fuel Additives
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