Amalgamated® is constantly laboratory testing (Laboratory Testing) new products in order to develop better products for all applications. Once a product is “born” more intensive testing continues to prove our claims and to compare Amalgamated® products with those of the competition making similar claims.

Amalgamated® uses several different base fuels for testing and has amassed extensive data on our FirePower Premium Diesel Fuel Additives. Laboratory tests are conducted with independent facilities to check for:

• Cetane Number Increase from a Cetane Engine Test
• Lubricity Improvement
• Detergent Content
• Stability Enhancement
• Corrosion Protection

Winterization products are also tested to check for:

• Cold Flow Improvement ( CFPP, Pour Point, Wax Dispersancy )
• De-Icer Content

This data verifies and supports the claims supporting FirePower formulations in the development stages of it’s products.

At the same time additives from other leading component suppliers are tested at their recommended rates against those same base fuels. Reports are generated for our inhouse use and customer training. Testing points out the vagueness of some competitors’ claims and their failure to provide adequate protection for real world applications.
Comparison Testing
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FirePower Premium Fuel Additives